Pivot Cosmetics is a CBD cosmetics line developed for women of color. Our mission is to not only cater to the common skin issues that women of color have, but also create a fun, self care experience for the people that use our products. The idea for the brand was birthed when founder, Doni Brown, realized that there was a rise in CBD brands, but no one was directly catering to this group of consumers. It only seems right to develop the line, being that women of color are the largest consumers of beauty products, and some of the largest consumers of cannabis. 

Doni herself has had quite the experience with CBD. While, she loves CBD for the fun benefits it has on the skin, she's also had a wonderful experience with CBD helping her in other areas such as with her eczema and cramps. As the brand expands, she hopes to create products that help women in so many other areas beyond their face.